+ Are the events really free?!? Seriously, how much do the events cost?

Yes, REALLY! The events are 100% free, so you have no excuse not to come :)

+ I am a recent grad...can I still attend?

Most definitely! WayUp is a platform for college students AND recent grads to find jobs and internships. The panelists will have tons of relevant experiences to share with recent grads.

+ I'm so hungry after my internship, is food provided?

Food will be provied at events thanks to our friends from sweetgreen. There will be mini grain bowls and salads, as weell as snacks and water.

+ What should I wear?

Whatever you are most comfortable in, there is no dress code for these events. However we don't recommend workout clothes or sweats because you will want to represent your best self.

+ When do the events start?

Doors open at 6:00pm and the panel will start by 6:30pm. However, space is limited so we recommend you get their early to guarantee you get a seat.

+ Can I bring a friend who didn't sign up online?

Bring as many friends as you would like! Especially if they like networking & sweetgreen. Spots are limited though, so if you can, have your friends sign up for WayUp and RSVP in advance!

+ Will I get to talk one-on-one with the panelists?

Absolutely! You are more then welcome to go introduce yourself at the end of the program. We encourage this!

+ How do I sign up for WayUp?

It's easy and takes literally 30 seconds...just click here.

+ I'm not in NYC. Is there any way to stream the events?

You are in luck! We will be streaming all events on Facebook Live. Just Like WayUp, and go to the page to set a reminder for when we go live.